Niagara Region, Ontario

The Niagara Biosolids Processing Facility is located on private property in Thorold, Ontario.  This site has a quarry, landfill, and composting operation that is owned and operated by Walker Industries. The plant has served a population of approximately 200,000 since it was put in operation on February 2007.


N-Viro and Walker Industries formed a 50/50 Joint Venture called Niagara Biosolids Corporation (NBC).  NBC owns the contract with Niagara Region and owns the facility.  This project received a P3 award from the Canadian Council for Public and Private Partnership in 2006.  NBC is jointly managed by Walker Industries and N-Viro.  N-Viro is responsible for marketing and distribution of the product.  The product is distributed under the Federal Fertilizers Act to agriculture.  This plant has available capacity and can easily be expanded to process biosolids from other municipalities.


Niagara Region operates eight wastewater treatment plants.  All plants are conventional treatment with digesters.  The Region may decommission several digesters in future.  At present, the Region's biosolids are dewatered by centrifuges through two Regional dewatering facilities.  The dewatered cake at 26-35% total solids is trucked to the NBC plant for processing.


This plant produces 19,000 tonnes of product per year.

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