Leamington, Ontario

The N-Viro plant is located at the Leamington Pollution Control Centre and serves an equivalent population of approximately 75,000 (18,000 town population plus the Heinz Food processing facility).  Approximately 70% of the biosolids processed are from Heinz.  The plant has operated continuously since January, 1996.


The Town of Leamington and N-Viro Systems Canada (NVSC) co-manage the plant.  NVSC provides technical back-up, product approvals, QA/QC, marketing and distribution of the product under an operating contract.  The final product is distributed to agriculture under the Federal Fertilizers Act as N-Viro Soil Amendment.


The Town of Leamington and Heinz flows are processed in two separate treatment plants located on the municipal plant site (extended aeration process). There are no digesters.  The biosolids (l00% waste activated) are dewatered through centrifuges to 22-25 % total solids.


Approximately 11,000-product tonnes are produced each year.  The product is marketed through a local fertilizer distributor.  The distributor picks up the product from storage as required, sells and applies it for the farmers.

Product Label

www.n-viro.ca/bank/pageimages/Leamington (LSA) Label 2013 2009004NO Exp25June2015.pdf