The Nature of N-Viro

The first N-Viro facility was established in 1988. Since then, the technology has been applied to a number of facilities serving communities worldwide.

Originally established in 1990, N-Viro Systems Canada LP (NVS) was a wholly owned, private Canadian company, which still holds the exclusive Canadian license for the N-Viro Soil Amendment patented biosolids management technology.

In January 2008, NVS became part of the Corpfinance International Limited group of companies (the CFI Group). The CFI Group is a provider of equity and debt financings for the project finance industry. As a result of its connection with the CFI Group, NVS can now offer an innovative and cost effective solution to the biosolids management challenge ... (Read More)...


N-Viro Soil Amendment is a sustainable, safe, natural and green product with a long track record of successful use and application in Canada and the United States. The numerous benefits of N-Viro Soil Amendment fall into the following categories:

Strict Adherence to Government Regulations

Repsonsible Manufacturing

Unparalleled Value to the Agricultural Community


Our Process

The N-Viro patented process is known as Advanced Alkaline Stabilization with Subsequent Accelerated Drying, or AASSAD. In this process, an alkaline admixture (AA) is added to dewatered biosolids, mixed, heated (in part through a chemical reaction) and dried. A flow diagram of the typical N-Viro Process and a description of the process unit steps are shown on the N-Viro Process – Class A Biosolids Management Schematic...{Read More}

Our Facilities

In Canada, N-Viro facilities are operating in Leamington, Thorold, Sarnia, Halifax.  Summerside and Banff. These are certified biosolids management facilities and the products are approved for use as a soil amendment by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency under the Federal Fertilizers Act and Regulations.


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