The first N-Viro facility was established in 1988. Since then, the technology has been applied to a number of facilities serving communities worldwide.

Originally established in 1990, N-Viro Systems Canada LP (NVS) was a wholly owned, private Canadian company, which still holds the exclusive Canadian license for the N-Viro Soil patented biosolids management technology.

In January 2008, NVS became part of the Corpfinance International Limited group of companies (the CFI Group). The CFI Group is a provider of equity and debt financings for the project finance industry. As a result of its connection with the CFI Group, NVS can now offer an innovative and cost effective solution to the biosolids management challenge facing many municipalities across Canada. NVS now has the support to build, own and operate regional biosolids management facilities that conforms to all municipal requirements ensuring that smaller municipalities can have access to this environmentally friendly technology without placing additional stress on their already limited capital budgets. One example, is using a “Hub” type system, allowing multiple, small municipalities to share one biosolids treatment facility that is built and financed with no impact on local municipal capital budgets.

In Canada, N-Viro Systems Canada LP has developed biosolids processing facilities in, Leamington, Sarnia, and the Niagara Region, in Ontario, Halifax Nova Scotia, Summerside Prince Edward Island and Banff Alberta.  Our new Sudbury facility is currently under construction and will be opening soon.  These facilities provide their local communities with more than 95,000 tonnes of this valuable soil amendment annually.