"The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts" – The N-Viro Process is fundamentally based on combining two waste streams (biosolids and cement kiln dust) to produce a product of highly desirable characteristics called N-Viro Soil Amendment.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction – Biosolids processing by N-Viro offsets methane production from biosolids that would otherwise have been sent to landfill.

Ammonia Recovery – N-Viro facilities are able to reclaim and sell ammonium sulphate that is recovered from the processing of biosolids.

Closed-Loop Water Use – N-Viro facilities can operate with a closed-loop of water that is continuously cleaned and recycled on site. The cost to maintain a closed-loop water system is offset by ammonium sulphate production. Water reuse is particularly useful for plants built in areas that do not have municipal sewer systems in place.

Biological Air Pollution Control – N-Viro is a strong proponent of biofilters which employ the oxidative capacity of naturally occurring organisms for the destruction of odorous compounds. Air is gathered from all areas of the plant and treated by a biofilter prior to discharge into the environment.