N-Viro Soil Amendment is a sustainable, safe, natural and green product with a long track record of successful use and application in Canada and the United States. There are numerous benefits of N-Viro Soil Amendment which fall into various categories. A summary of these benefits and their respective catagories are listed and discussed below:

Strict Adherence to Government Regulations
  1. Soil Amendment Stability and Pathogen Destruction
  2. N-Viro Soil Amendment Meets or Exceeds Rigorous EPA Standard
Responsible Manufacturing
  1. Odour and Dust Control
  2. Noise Attenutation and Control
  3. Sustainable Development Technology
Unparalled Value to the Agricultural Community
  1. N-Viro Soil Amendment is the most Economical Soil Amendment Available to Farmers
  2. Increased Crop Yield
  3. Enhanced Nutrient Uptake
  4. Improved Soil Health
  5. Reduced Toxity in Soil
  6. Ryhzobia Development
  7. Timed Nutrient Release
  8. Breakdown of Organic Matter by Micro-Flora
  9. Soybean Cyst Nematode Suppression