Banff, Alberta

The Banff plant is situated at the current WWTP location in beautiful Banff National Park. Construction started late 2012 and was completed in February 2013.   Banff N‐Rich® has been fully operational producing our final product since April 2013 following a period of testing the N‐Viro® process.  The plant has been designed with excess capacity, it currently processes organic waste material sourced from Banff.  We have the ability to process other municipal organic waste as agreed to by the Town of Banff.  The patented N‐Viro® process produces Banff N‐Rich® a safe easy to handle, beneficial re-use fertilizer.  Banff N‐Rich® is a registered fertilizer which replenishes vital soil nutrients of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to encourage strong crop growth.  Different from compost, Banff N‐Rich® is a very good agricultural fertilizer but also a soil amendment that can be used in reclaiming lost lands to mining, refinery tailing ponds, aggregate extraction, and over farming.


N-Viro and the Town of Banff  have reached an agreement where the Town of Banff will own the plant and N-Viro will manage and staff the facility.  


The Town of Banff currently produces two streams of organic waste – one from the Town’s waste water treatment system and the other from industrial (restaurants) and residential organic food waste collection. The Banff N-Viro facility will receive the organic materials and blend mechanically one or more alkaline admixtures to produce Banff NRich®.  The admixtures consist of alkaline-based material that is typically destined for landfill.  Once mixed using the N-Viro mixer, Banff NRich® it is cured where the natural reaction of the alkaline material with the organic material increases the temperature to between 52-62°C and the pH to approximately 12, virtually destroying all pathogens while keeping the beneficial micro-organisms for plant growth.


This plant produces 5,000 tonnes of product per year.

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