Unparalled Value To The Agricultural Community

N-Viro Soil Amendment is the most Economical Soil Amendment Available to Farmers

The health and yield of all crops are directly related to soil quality and nutrient levels present in the soil in which they are grown. Many nutrient deficiencies are due to improper levels of soil organic matter and to the pH of the soil. All crops need the consistent source of organic matter, micro- and macronutrients that a healthy soil will provide when maintained within an optimum pH range. Early vigour in a plant will translate into greater disease resistance and better yields. Feed the soil and the soil will feed the plants.

N-Viro Soil Amendment is a unique product that, when applied to agricultural soils, will provide many benefits. N-Viro Soil Amendment is only marketed through established farm products distributors. It is sold as a soil amendment and liming product and contains both macro and micronutrients. It also contains a significant amount of organic matter and soluble calcium. Not only is N-Viro Soil Amendment sold at an extremely affordable price, there are also considerable savings in application costs since, with N-Viro Soil Amendment, farmers can add many agronomical benefits to their lands in a single pass.

Increased Crop Yield

Over the years, the results farmers have seen by using N-Viro Soil Amendment have been staggering. This applies to many categories of crop growth from corn to sod. The photographs below show crops that exhibited increased crop yield while reducing the expenses paid by the farmer. While the average layperson may not recognize the significance of these photos, farmers realize these photographs are of very healthy, disease-free crops with high potential yield.

 Even Maturity    Full Ears    Efficient Harvesting

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake

N-Viro Soil Amendment is typically sold through distributors to farmers who have an active nutrient management plan for their land. By including N-Viro in the farmer’s nutrient management plan, farmers are able to utilize the neutralizing characteristics of N-Viro Soil Amendment as a means of promoting nutrient availability and uptake.

As shown in the schematic below, the availability of nutrients required for plant growth and development is largely dependant not only on the presence of these nutrients in a usable format for the plants but also on the pH of the soil which promotes nutrient release.

Improved Soil Health

Apart from being able to maintain pH control to foster nutrient uptake, N-Viro Soil Amendment contains nutrients and minerals that are slowly released through the breakdown of organic matter. Unlike dry, hydrophobic pellets, N-Viro Soil Amendment contains ~32% moisture and up to 25% readily-digestible organic matter. The organic matter is highly advantageous for agricultural purposes.

Reduced Toxicity in Soil

Through the N-Viro Process, the heavy metals present in biosolids are converted to insoluble forms. Therefore, the use of N-Viro Soil Amendment does not create any adverse conditions as a result of metals leaching. No hazardous compounds are known to be produced during the manufacturing process.

Furthermore, in an acidic environment, studies have shown that free aluminum exists which prevents the roots from taking-up beneficial nutrients. The alkaline nature of N-Viro Soil Amendment keeps some toxic metals from residing in an acidic environment under which conditions they are harmful.

Rhyzobia Development

The application of N-Viro Soil Amendment is shown to increase crop yield through improvement of root growth and symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes. Rhyzobia bacteria exist in a symbiotic relationship with leguminous plants to provide an abundant supply of nitrogen that is vital to legume nourishment.

Rhyzobia pH Ranges
  Optimum pH  pH Range Rhyzobia Perish @pH
Red Clover,
Sweet Clover

Alfalfa 6.2 5.0 - 8.3 5.0
 Soybean/White Beans
6.0  4.8 - 8.3 4.0

Timed Nutrient Release

N-Viro Soil Amendment is a unique product unlike other commercially available soil amendment, dry biosolids pellets, manure or fertilizer. N-Viro Soil Amendment exhibits fast release of potash (K20) and, simultaneously, the slow release of other nutrients.  It typically contains approximately 25 kg of K20, of which approximately 20 kg is water soluble. This assists in vigorous plant growth upon seeding which is essential to disease resistance and healthy crop formation.

Breakdown of Organic Matter by Micro-Flora

The microbes present in N-Viro Soil Amendment slowly breakdown the readily-digestible organic matter in the product. This results in a slow release of nutrients which maintains soil health over time. Dry biosolids pellets produced through extremely high-heat processes typically have much lower agronomic value and are insoluble in water.  The loose, fertile soil amendment produced by N-Viro is shown to have an abundance of aerobic bacteria meaning that it is oxygen rich for “good bugs” to flourish. A portion of water soluble nutrients are available for immediate use by the crop.  While pathogens are destroyed during the manufacturing process, inherent micro-flora still exist for the promotion of soil health.

Recent third-party laboratory testing of N-Viro Soil Amendment indicated exceptional soil quality even after a 36 month period.

As an example of how the N-Viro Soil Amendment responded to storage, a pile of N-Viro Soil Amendment had been placed outdoors for 36 months at a site with adequate drainage. Tests of that product revealed the presence of micro-flora similar to that found in healthy soil. The diagram at right indicates that the pH of N-Viro Soil Amendment had dropped to 7.6 and the level of organic matter had dropped to 8%. As mentioned, N-Viro Soil Amendment typically contains up to 25% organic matter. The organic matter had slowly been digested by “good bugs” which are inherent to N-Viro Soil Amendment.

The N-Viro Soil Amendment results showed a healthy ratio of aerobic to anaerobic bacteria which is an indication of soil micro-organism richness. Soil typically has an aerobic to anaerobic ratio of 10:1. The N-Viro Soil had a ratio of 27:1.

Soybean Cyst Nematode Control

In 1997 and 1998, N-Viro Systems Canada LP conducted field trials with Ag Canada at the Harrow Research Centre for aglime effectiveness and metals take-up. Both of these trials were successful in proving safety and value. Subsequently, a laboratory research program was started at the London, Ontario Ag Canada research facility. This program evaluated the effect of the N-Viro Soil Amendment to control Soybean Cyst Nematodes (SCN).

As a result of this first success with SCN, a patent was obtained and a second phase research program was started. N-Viro Systems Canada, Soybean Growers of Ontario and Ag Canada jointly funded this second phase of research. It was a three-year program at a cost of over $400,000. A parallel program was conducted in the USA at Ohio State University. N-Viro Soil Amendment was found to be successful in the control of the soybean cyst nematode and the simultaneous increase in plant biomass over the control plot.